And everything began from our first pekingese Piki. We bought it 15 years ago as a pekingese with pedigree. But sadly he wasn‘t with original Pedigree.. so then we decided to bought one more pekingese. In show we meet one pekingese kennel owner, and decided to buy dog from her.  So the first our kennel dog with Pedigree was Jessi (Demeter Kulverstukas). With her we started show carreer and she give us the oportunity to have first kennel litter. So then in Lithuanian Cynological association we registered our kennel namie Ciobrelis ( you can spell it something similair like chiobrelis). In english language it is thyme. Thyme is a well known herb.  We decided to name our kennel Thyme, because dogs like a herbs is good for health.
In our first kennel litter born 5 beautiful puppies. One of them all his life lived with my mother, he was ATTU LINARIS CIOBRELIS (Atu). And long time, till 14 year, he was participating in dog shows, and was very famous to all dog shows participants in Lithuania. So this was Ciobrelis kennel start.
With love I remember all dogs, which have been lived in our kennel: Ana, Tuti, Ako, Ceima, Baira, Cori, Zhiko, Turte, Deila, Rudi, also our rotweiller Nisa. 
In 1998 year from England to our kennel came two pekingeses : JOLETH HONOURABLE ENVOY (Rudi) and STEP AHEAD AT STSANJA (Vanessa). They was a big step forward in our pekingese breeding program.
Few years in our kennel was break. Then just Vanesaa and her son Liuksas (LIUKSAS CIOBRELIS, son of JOLETH HONOURABLE ENVOY and STEP AHEAD AT STSANJA) were living with us. We weren‘t participating in shows or breeding dogs.
It was till my daughter Neringa grew up. When she was 13 years old, she was speaking about dog shows more and more, till she decided to bought a Yorkshire terrier INSPIRATION BETELGEIZE (Cima).  On 2004 years december we came back in show rings again. Neringa again started going ti Junior handling competition. So thats like our kennel ,,born“ second time. And till now we are successfully participating in dog shows all over the world, and doing our breeding program.
Purposive steps forward were our new dogs in our kennel. On 2005 years we bought a whippet from one of most famous kennel in the world Boxhing Helena‘s from Belgium. Also my old dream came true and we bought a shih tzu female from Artemis kennel in Philipines.
I am very happy that in 2009 year we had an oportunity to bought a yorkshire terrier male from one of the most famous kennel in the world Du Domaine de Monderlay from France.
I want to say a BIG Thank You to all my family members who are supporting and helping me: to my husband Vytautas, daughter and handler Neringa, two sons Audrius and Dainius with teir wifes Vita and Raimonda, and also to my beloved mother Marijona.
Thank You all,
Kennel owner Danute Liutkuviene

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