As long as I remember myself all my life I am surounded by dogs. Now I couldnt imagine my life without them, they are piece of my life. I interested in junior handling when I took the leather in my hands first time. In each show I was hellping to my mother outside the ring.
First time in Junior handling competition I participated in 1995 years in International dog show Baltic winner. Debiut and firs place in final. I want to mark that then I was only 3 years old. For Junior handling competition there werent a lot of rules. The main rule was that handler could show the dog.
This winning was very big encouragement to me. I was participating in Junior handling until in our kennel started a break from dog shows and breeding.
This break was stopped by me. When I was 13 years old to my mother I was talking about shows more and more, the decided to bought a Yorkshire terrier. I started to look for a kennel. My eye caught Betelgeize kennel, and after few months our family had a new member – INSPIRATIONG BETELGEIZE.
On 2004 years we came back to dog shows. I came back to Junior handling competition and did very well.
Exactly after 10 years, on 2005 I won International dog show Baltic winner.
On 2007 year I was delegated from Lithuanian Cynological societe to Euro dog Show Championship in Zagreb, Croatia.
Now I am a Professional handler, ended my Junior handling career on 2009 years autumn.  In all these years while I was participating in Junior handling competition I won a lot of prizes, and felt very happy.
I want to say BIG Thank You to all my family, which supports me.
Thank You,
Neringa Liutkute


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